About Us

The Letterpress Project is a brand new not-for-profit initiative which believes that there is something very special about reading real, printed books.

At the Letterpress Project we believe that there is something very special about reading books. Holding them in your hands, turning the pages, catching the smell of paper old and new, marvelling at the skills of the illustrator and letting the weight of all those pages settle in your hand or on your lap – it’s an invitation to a journey that can take you anywhere.

We think that books are a gateway to ideas and adventures that expand our understanding of the world and ourselves. All reading can do that but nothing does it better than the collation of paper and ink bound between two covers that, when you open it, transforms into a relationship between you and the author.

Our project has been established to help spread an important message – that books can change everyone’s life. We think this message is more urgent now than ever because the statistics tell us something we should all be concerned about – book sales and book ownership amongst children and adults seems to be in steady decline.

But we don’t want to make this all sound too sombre or too worthy - our project focuses on the sheer joy of books. Through our parent and child book groups (Wild Things and Gold Rings) or our book seminars (Hooked On Books) to our website packed with news and resources we can provide schools, colleges and community groups with customised packages of activity at negotiable prices.