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Inspiring Older Readers

The Arrow

posted on 18 Oct 2016

He had told her that somewhere between now and then, between is and ought, between regret and hope is being. At the time she had

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Hopes by Karen Powell

posted on 08 Oct 2016

Karen Powell lives in Leicester (U.K.), and has an MA in Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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Google Earth

posted on 02 Oct 2016

This was first published in the magazine Mslexia (Issue 40) in 2009.

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August 1st 2016

posted on 03 Aug 2016

Novelist, Alan Gibbons. has given The Letterpress Project permission to reproduce this original poem.

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The Storyteller

posted on 16 Apr 2016

This was a wise little story first told by a father to his young daughter many years ago. Original writing by Keiran Breen

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Bookshop Memories Revisited

posted on 16 Feb 2016

The Letterpress Project is delighted to present a brand new collection of original essays and reflections by people who love books and bookshops

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