An exclusive interview with Aurea Reis

The Letterpress Project is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Aurea Reis, author of Healing Letters

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Trish Cooke delivers a series of board books inspired by three classic stories and displays her lively imagination and skill by choosing exactly the right words aimed at very young readers. 

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Klara and the Sun

Kazuo Ishiguro explores the deeply disturbing philosophical and social policy issues that technology, pollution and genetic manipulation pose us as a species. 

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Unbelievable bravery in the Arctic Seas

Terry Potter admires Tom Palmer's Arctic Star, a moving and exciting story of three friends serving their country in the icy wastes of the Arctic Sea as German U-Boats circle their ship.

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Burning the Books: A history of knowledge under attack

Richard Ovenden's book takes flight when he opens up the story of The Paper Brigade.

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