Why do adults worry about ‘easy’ children’s books?

From Enid Blyton to Jeff Kinney many adults seem to be concerned about their children only reading books by authors that are 'unsuitable' or 'too easy'. Karen Argent wonders why.

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A newly imagined Shakespearean tragedy

Maggie O'Farrell's award-winning novel, Hamnet, imagines the tragedy of how Shakespeare and his wife, Anne/Agnes coped with the death of their child.

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Is this the most pressingly relevant book we've reviewed?

The Virus by Ben Martynoga, illustrated by Moose Allain, tries to explain to young readers just what a virus is and why it's brought our society to a grinding halt.

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An exclusive interview with Kate Milner!

We are delighted to feature an exclusive interview from the brilliant author and illustrator, Kate Milner. Kate's latest collaboration with poet Joseph Coelho, The Girl Who Became A Tree has been enthusiastically reviewed on this site.

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The Year of Magical Thinking

Guest reviewer, Alun Severn rereads Joan Didion's classic study of traumatic grief.

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