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Two New Poems by Kershia Field

posted on 14 Jul 2016

Two New Poems by Kershia Field

Kershia Field is a twenty-one-year-old contemporary poet from Leicester currently working on her first poetry collection based on Mental Health and the stigma surrounding it. (from : Everybody's Reviewing). 

She has her own blog at


Rag doll girl

Rag doll



bending at your

every will

Cracked voices

in the silence

couldn't contain

the obvious pain


the toxicity

of you

yet knowing

I would not





Ten minutes ago


we laughed

tears unlike these

Before I whisper


And you dismiss

with another kiss

I concede

once more

I plead

but you slam

another door

in my face,

I wont let it



I leave

Early morning

crisp nicotine

heart beat

pumping regret

into hate filled veins

Broken glass

under bare feet

A lethal concoction,

I am not

your rag doll

a promise

I still





Small dreams

The broken

For a moment

allows herself

to fall in love

with perfect strangers

She dreams

of slow dancing

with faceless men

she'll never know


She lowers her guard

just enough

to see a future

with the stranger

on the 36

Who promises

with his eyes, maybe

to love her

between King Street

And Tanners End.


July 2016