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posted on 16 Jun 2017

We All Sleep Under The Same Stars, a collection of illustrated poems written by eleven year old children  by Karen Argent

Amnesty International's blog has published this article by Letterpress Project Director, Karen Argent. It begins:

I have always been an avid book lover and book collector, so when I recently retired from being a university lecturer in early childhood studies, I and my husband set up The Letterpress Project  which is a not for profit initiative that focuses on the specialness of the printed book for readers of all ages. As part of the project I offer events in schools based around a negotiated theme and one of my ex- students recommended me to her son’s head teacher at Greenfield Primary School in Stourbridge. He invited me to work with the whole of Year 6 about asylum seekers and refugees and how they are portrayed in books. This is always a tricky and sensitive subject to discuss with children but I was so impressed with their intense concentration and obvious concern for the terrible plight of people who had to flee their homes.

You can continue reading by clicking on this link to Amnesty International Blog - Classroom to Community