The LetterPress Project

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The project is run by a Management Committee that operates in line with the written constitution. For day-to-day management and development there is a Project Director who makes quarterly reports to the Committee and can take advice from them on an as-and-when-needed basis.

The Management Committee is made up as follows:

  Karen Argent  ( Project Director and Secretary to the Committee)

  Chris Collett 

  Christina Hyland 

  Gill McGillivray ( Treasurer)

  Brian Homer 

  Terry Potter (Chair)

  Jane Slowey 


Davina Goodchild and Mark Cronin are ex-officio members of the management committee





The Management Committee is elected on an annual basis at the project's AGM.

Note: All reviews and articles that appear on this site and on Facebook are the views of the individual author and do not necessarily reflect views and opinions of the members of the commitee or the project.