Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 22 Mar 2017

An Interview With Tim Bowler

The Letterpress Project has asked authors and illustrators to think about what has inspired them as artists, what their favourite books are and how they relate to their audience - we've also asked them if they themselves are book collectors.

We are really delighted to present an exclusive interview with the  author of novels for young adults, Tim Bowler. Tim has written twenty books and won fifteen awards, including the prestigious Carnegie Medal for River Boy.  On his website Tim tells us :

Writing is my life. I’ve written stories since I was a boy. I’m a storyaholic. I believe in the power of stories to move us, entertain us and transform us. To me, writing is as much about listening as it is about putting down words. It starts with a whisper, a silent sound that flickers in the dark, then gradually, as you go on listening, you realise that the whisper has turned into an idea, and the idea into an obsession, and suddenly there are words on the page, and characters and settings, and the plot is bubbling around them like white water.

If you want to see more you can visit Tim's website here.

You can read what he had to tell us on the link below: