Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 14 Mar 2017

An Interview With Phil Earle

The Letterpress Project has asked authors and illustrators to think about what has inspired them as artists, what their favourite books are and how they relate to their audience - we've also asked them if they themselves are book collectors.

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with the children's author, Phil Earle. Phil worked as a bookseller for five years before joining a publishing house where he still works - splitting his time between his day job and his writing. On his website he tells us:

"I try to write 500 words every day.

I’ll write them on the bus, after work, whenever I have a spare minute, and I have a terrible, terrible habit of writing with the telly on, which may yet lead to a speedy divorce…"

If you want to see more you can visit Phil's website here.

You can read what he had to tell us on the link below: