Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 17 Nov 2016

An Interview With Anthony McGowan

The Letterpress Project has asked authors and illustrators to think about what has inspired them as artists, what their favourite books are and how they relate to their audience - we've also asked them if they themselves are book collectors.

We are thrilled to present an exclusive interview with the award winning young adult author, Anthony McGowan. Anthony's first YA novel was the thriller, Hellbent and he went  on to write about knife crime and violence in The Knife That Killed Me. He's also capable of writing rollicking good humourous books about difficult subjects and his book Henry Tumour  was described in this way by The Guardian newspaper : ‘Henry Tumour is a boisterous, anarchic, frequently vulgar comedy about a boy with a brain tumour. It is very, very funny. It is also a wise, sensitive and questioning novel about the opposing forces that make us what we are.’ 

His most recent YA novel is Hello Darkness

You can read what he had to tell us on the link below: