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posted on 16 May 2021

An Interview with Aurea Reis

The Letterpress Project is happy to host interviews with authors and illustrators where they can talk about what has inspired them as writers and artists.

We are delighted to present an interview with Aurea Reis. This is what the author has told us about her fascinating background:

"Aurea Wanuza Marques Reis, is the author full name. Friends and family address her as ‘Wanuza’, but professionally she prefers to be addressed as ‘Aurea.’ In the book Healing Letters you can notice both names being used. The author was born in Luanda (Angola) and permanently moved to Portugal in 1992 when she was eleven years old, due to the Civil War. Since 1997, she has not gone back to Angola. Therefore, there is not much she remember from her birth country. She embraces both countries as her backgrounds. One saw her born and the other saw her grow up; together they built and shaped her personality. The author is now 39 years old and moved to UK in 2008 when recession hit Portugal hard. She is a single mother of a 10-year-old boy. Aurea as graduated by the University College Birmingham in Tourism Business Management. She worked in the area for 6 years until she was made redundant due to COVID-19. Currently, the author is pursuing a career as a Care Worker because while writing this book she discovered she wanted to do something more meaningful and rewarding. By healing her inner child, the author discovered her Caring side, and it is enjoying pursuing that path. Her hobbies are writing, Travelling, fitness, quiet time alone, and spending quality time with her close friends and family. Aurea has two previous publications by Mo2vate Magazine, which granted her a badge (for a year) as contributing Article Writer of the magazine. She also collaborated in a book called ‘I am Flying without Wings’ to be published on Women’s Day 2021. Her name Aurea comes from the old Latin ‘Aurum’ and it means something made of gold, golden, that shines."

To read what she had to tell us, click the link below: