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posted on 20 Aug 2018

Weldmar Hospicecare Bookshop, Dorchester

We tend not to do too many reviews of charity bookshops on the high street unless we are convinced they are doing justice to the spirit of second hand bookselling. We were, therefore, delighted to pay a visit to the Weldmar Hospicecare Bookshop in Dorchester’s South Street.

The shop has only one level and so it’s important that the books are well organised and clearly set out. I think the set-up shows that someone who has a decent understanding of books has been responsible for arranging the shelves and their respective categories.

It goes without saying that a charity bookshop can only really be as good as the donations that are made and inevitably really good, collectible stuff is thin on the ground in such circumstances. However, that doesn’t stop you making the best of what you’ve got and, just as importantly, recognising what you’ve been given. From what we saw here, they really did get the most out of their limited resources.

Potentially collectible stock is kept separate from the bulk of paperback best sellers and are priced well – not at give-away prices but not stupidly expensive. They clearly want to shift stock and are happy to dangle quite tempting prices in front of you.

Dorchester has lost the majority of its second hand book shops over the years and charity bookshops are pretty much all that’s left. This one is by far the best of them and so if you’re in the town I’d advise you to seek this shop out.


Terry Potter

August 2018