Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 17 Jan 2017

Stone Trough Books, York

Located at 51 Walmgate, Stone Trough Books is a little further out of the centre than most of the other York bookshops we’ve reviewed but that shouldn’t be a reason to neglect it. As the shop’s own website says, this is a much bigger store on the inside than it looks from the frontage and it’s also an interesting hybrid. The second-hand bookshop element is only one string to the bow because they also do some publishing – you’ll find their list for sale in the shop too – and they have absorbed Philip Martin Music Books into their own concern when the previous owner of that specialist outlet retired. So expect to find plenty of music scores and books on music and composers.

In truth the downstairs is a little bit overcrowded and it’s not always that easy to browse the books they have. A table/cupboard sits in the centre of the front room and has books stashed spine upward on the top of this and while I think careful perusal might well have uncovered some great stuff, I didn’t really have the patience or determination to scrabble through them.

Upstairs is altogether different – relatively expansive and relaxed with an almost old world touch of luxury represented by a sofa and an open fire. It was much easier to search the upstairs shelves too and although there were interesting titles there I didn’t really see too much that made me think a purchase was essential.

Although I didn’t strike lucky this time around I thought it was a delightful shop and full of promise. If I lived in York I’d certainly want to spend some time there and I understand they also host the exhibitions from time to time - so that’s even more of an incentive.

Get along there and pay them a visit because I’m sure you’ll be delighted with old fashioned values of a good book shop.


Terry Potter

January 2017