Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 26 Dec 2016

The Little Apple Bookshop, York

This is a quirky little independent book shop situated on High Petergate and only a minute or two from the Minster. It is a small characterful shop just a few doors along from the Grimoire Book Shop and consists of two inter-connected downstairs rooms that are packed with goodies.

The shop seems to specialise in popular, signed collectibles and new releases and you certainly won’t be at a loss if you’re looking for a bookish gift or two. There’s not a lot of room to swing the proverbial cat but somehow that doesn’t seem to matter too much because the place is pretty well organised and there’s just so much stuff to look at.

What is especially impressive is the children’s book section in the back room of the store. We’ve visited the shop on a couple of other occasions and we’ve always come away with a little gem – and this time was no exception. Signed, limited editions might not always be the rarest of things but you don’t see them everywhere and The Little Apple does seem to have a particularly good eye for the best of these.

Being so small does put a bit of a constraint on the stock that can be kept and so you won’t find some of the more obscure or esoteric new releases – they keep it mainstream, presumably because they know they can turn them round pretty quickly and ensure the shelves have regular fresh stock.

If you are a book collector or inveterate book buyer, no trip to York would be complete without a trip to The Little Apple and I would be dismayed were I to turn up and find it had gone out of business – so do your bit and get along there whenever you can.


Terry Potter

December 2016