Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 23 Sep 2016

Main Point Books, Edinburgh

Another book shop on West Point but for me the lesser of the clutch we visited. The shop has a slightly odd shape – it feels a bit like a slim cheese wedge in that the space seems to taper towards the back. However, even at its best it isn’t generous in terms of size and as a result it feels quite cluttered and difficult to get to grips with.

For the kinds of books we were particularly interested in – modern or 20th century fiction first editions and collectible children’s book – the shop was a bit of a disappointment. Although there is an easy to find fiction section I thought the stock was a bit dreary and a touch overpriced – something which always prevents me from impulse buying. As for children’s books, they were rather hard to locate and seemed to be integrated into other sections - ‘illustrated books’ .for example.

The main problem for me was the general atmosphere and welcome – which we found to be rather cold and a bit prickly. I know ‘atmosphere’ is a rather subjective and intangible thing but it is important and when it’s not working there really isn’t much that will keep you in the shop.

I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t drop in the next time I’m in Edinburgh but I wouldn’t be looking forward to it in quite the same way as I would for the other shops in West Port we visited.


Terry Potter

September 2016