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posted on 29 May 2016













Stroud Bookshop, Stroud

Situated on the main High Street in Stroud, this is a small, independent bookshop that uses its limited space very well. Stroud is a busy little place on Saturdays because of the street market and Stroud Books is at the heart of the busy traffic, drawing in lots of casual customers as well as those going there for specific reasons.

The stock reflects the kind of custom a shop of this sort is likely to attract - paperbacks dominate the fiction stocks although there are hardcover copies of the most recent publications. There are smaller sections on most of the main categories you'd expect in any bookshop but the real strength lies in their children's book section at the back of the shop space.

The staff always give customers a cheery welcome and they are clearly happy to chat with thos e who want to ask questions or with the regulars who are always popping in and out. I have no idea how quiet Stroud is during the week but I would guess that these Saturday market days are pretty crucial to their survival. There used to be a specialist children's bookshop just around the corner from them but that closed some time ago suggesting that there probably wasn't enough footfall for more than one independent - especially as there are at least three second hand stores in the town as well.

There is also a very good stock of greetings cards to be had here too - something that most of these smaller bookshops clearly need to have to keep some income ticking over. The cards here are high end art cards rather than bog basic greetings stuff and so you'll find they have prices that match.

If you're in Stroud you don't have to look hard to find the shop and I know you'll drop in.

Terry Potter

May 2016