Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 21 Apr 2016

Sedgeberrow Books, Pershore

Probably the best way of describing Sedgeberrow Books is to call it a proper, old-fashioned bookshop. In saying this I certainly don't use the term old-fashioned in any perjoritive way - what I mean is that it's a second hand bookshop with no frills. Situated on the Pershore High Street it's a clean, well-maintained and welcoming shop even though the layout is a little unusual. The shop itself is long and thin with some picture / poster framing materials at the front end as you go in and then a lengthy rather narrow corridor lined with art, fiction and children's books that ecventually opens out into a more conventionally shaped back room.

To be honest I find the stock tends to be unexceptional but honest - something which could also be said of the prices. I tend to visit a little over once a quarter and the turnover on the shelves I'm interested in - fiction, literature, art and children's - seems to be reasonable. I'm not sure if that's all about sales or whether old stock gets cleared on a regular basis just to freshen things up. There are really a few too many ex library books in the fiction section for my taste but if you're looking for the basics you'll find them here I suspect.

There's not much in the way of what I'd class as desirable collectibles - what there is can be found in a glass unit near the cash desk. However, I've always found the proprietor very friendly and open and usually willing to have a chat about some aspect of the business. In general terms I like the ambience of this shop - it's friendly and welcoming - and importantly it's reliable. The opening hours are observed and I've never had the frustration of going there only to find it mysteriously closed. There are no unsightly heaps of books blocking the way, no grumpy staff behind the counter and you can see what you're looking for.

What's not to like?


Terry Potter

April 2016