Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 05 Feb 2016

More Books, Shrewsbury Market Hall

I find so many market halls depressing places full of cheap socks and underpants, fruit and veg. and just the hint of desperation. So it's great to be able to report that Shrewsbury Market Hall is quite the opposite - bustling, full of interesting stalls, warm and dry. It also has books - which is a remarkable improvement on a single cheap card shop which is the usual fare.

More Books is situated on the top balcony and occupies three or four units. I did try and work out what organising principle was at work when it comes to the way the books were shelved but I think I might have to spend much longer mooching around  to work it out. Not that this is necessarily a problem because there are times when relative chaos can lead to delightful serendipity - in plain speak, you have no idea what you're going to turn up.

To be honest quality is variable; there are too many ex-library books for my taste and some of the stock can only be described as scruffy. However, prices reflect this - they are sensible or even on the low side of sensible.

This is very strictly a place for rummaging. We didn't have lots of time to spend browsing but you'll definitely get the best out of this place if you take your time, roll up your sleves and ger stuck in. We picked up three or four bits and bobs - nothing to write home about but then again we didn't walk away with a hole in the wallet either. Certainly worth a visit and while you're at it take in the pleasures of a lively market hall.

Terry Potter

February 2016