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Albion Books, Leominster

posted on 27 Jan 2016

Albion Books, Leominster

On their website, Albion Books claim that they are the biggest second-hand bookshop in Leominster and it's true. However, you wont find them if you go looking for a traditional shop. They are, in fact, located in The Merchant's House in Corn Square which is also an antiques centre and a smallish but quite delightful tearoom.

Gradually Albion Books has expanded and now occupies the majority of the upstairs backrooms. They don't just sell books though -  but nor do they combine the books with something traditional like music or prints. Oh no. Whoever owns Albion has clearly got a strong second love - antique and collectible tools. Fancy a chisel? I'll bet you can find something here.

As far as the books themselves are concerned, in truth it's a bit hit and miss. I think it's probably the case that you have to keep your eyes peeled because it's the sort of place you could just stumble on something great - or - leave empty handed. I have done both.

What is undeniable is that the prices are great. There's no attempt to price things opportunistically - these books are here to sell and the prices reflect that.

I'd say this place is worth visiting but travel open-mindedly because I have no idea what you'll find when you get there - it might be treasure or it might be trash.


Terry Potter

January 2016


(The photo comes from Albion Books' own website which can be accessed on this link)