Inspiring Older Readers

posted on 15 Oct 2015

Kellow Books, Chipping Norton

Not having a shop front must limit the amount of casual footfall this interesting little shop gets. You access the the first floor shop via a door to a staircase that leads to three or four rooms that are  shelved from floor to ceiling and there's plenty to browse once you're in. I doubt if there is disabled access - which is something that some readers or collectors may want to factor in.

There are some interesting collectibles and a bookcase of first edition fiction in the main room and near the desk there are plenty of fine bindings. In the back room there is hardback and a limited amount of paperback fiction with some good quality reading copies and the odd more desirable title. You'll also find literary biography and some Folio editions in here.

A separate room attached to the main one has children's books as well as books about books, poetry and plays. We have noticed that turnover of stock can be a bit sluggish and this may be a function of the fact that the prices may be a touch too high for the quality of the stock on the shelves?

Having said that, this is a reassuringly traditional second hand bookshop and I suspect that it caters for pretty much all interests - so you're unlikely to be disappointed. I would always try and drop in to this shop if I'm stopping in Chipping Norton or even if I'm carrying on to Oxford because this is exactly the sort of shop that could have  that special book you've always been looking for.


Terry Potter

October 2015