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posted on 02 Sep 2018

A Third Of Teens Haven’t Read A Single Book In Past Year by Daniel Steingold

This article has been published on the Study Finds website. It begins:

Stunning research shows just 2% of sophomores read daily newspaper — compared to third of same-aged teens in 1990s

Bookworm teens have always been few and far between, but now they seem like a dying breed. A new study puts some weight behind this notion by revealing just how American teenagers choose to spend their time (hint: it’s not with books). A third of adolescents haven’t even opened a dustjacket — or touched a Kindle for that matter — in the past year.

Researchers from San Diego State University recently analyzed four decades’ worth of data from an ongoing, nationally-based lifestyle survey studying teens. The data, which provides insight into the daily habits of over a million adolescents, shows the enormous impact of digital media over time.

You can continue reading the full article on this link to Study Finds