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posted on 06 Jul 2018


Mice Were Wildly Popular In Children's Books In The '90s — But Why?  by Charlotte Ahlin

This article has been published on the Bustle website. It begins:

While watching An American Tail this past weekend (as you do), and weeping openly over the exploits of young Fievel Mousekewitz and his mouse family, I hit upon a strange realization: the literature of my childhood was full of mice. I mean, yes, in part this was because I read animal books fanatically as a child. But I sought out all those books about horses and warrior cats. I actively tried to find every possible book concerning wolves and dragons. I don't remember going out of my way to find books about mice, and yet every other book I read seemed to star a brave little protagonist of the order Rodentia. The number of mice in popular kids' books during the '80s and '90s was rivaled only by the number of duck-based TV shows on the Disney Channel. So I have come here today to ask simply: Why? Why so many mice?

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