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posted on 05 Feb 2018

A Russian Poet Recounts Literary Life in 1966 by Noel Black

This article has been published on the Hyperallergic website. It begins:

I heard an apocryphal story several years ago that went something like: Americans had tried to export reality TV and game shows to post-Soviet Russia, but nobody watched them because nobody in Russia believed they could ever win anything, or that their lives could actually change for the better. Such self-delusory rags-to-riches hopes, the story implied, were the stuffing of American birds — that by some game, gamble, or luck (or all three) we’ll all eat turducken for Christmas.

A quick Internet search for “Russian Reality TV” upends this myth. There are, in fact, dozens of reality shows, many of them knock-offs of talent shows like American Idol. Most of the search results, however, link to an announcement for a Siberian survival show set to premiere in 2017: “REAL LIFE HUNGER GAMES: Sick rules for bonkers new Russian reality TV show allow contestants to ‘fight, rape and MURDER each other.’”

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