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posted on 23 Jan 2018

Why We Sleep's Matthew Walker on the Reasons to Swap Your iPad for a Book at Bedtime 

This article has been published on the Waterstones website. It begins:

Many of us are beyond tired. Why? What, precisely, about modernity has so perverted our otherwise instinctual sleep patterns, eroded our freedom to sleep, and thwarted our ability to do so soundly across the night? For those of us who do not have a sleep disorder, the reasons underlying this state of sleep deficiency can seem hard to pinpoint.

Beyond longer commute times and “sleep procrastination” caused by late-evening television and digital entertainment—both of which are not unimportant in their top-and-tail snipping of our sleep time—one of the five key societally engineered forces that has powerfully changed how much and how well we sleep is constant electric light.

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