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posted on 04 Dec 2017

Buzz-saw of the imagination by Imogen Russell Williams

This article has been published by the TES. It begins:

When giving children books, well-meaning adults may feel impelled to offer challenge, too – opting for text-dense vocabulary boosters at the reader’s diagnosed level, with the difficulty ramped up a little for luck. However gentle, though, this sort of nudge is not an unalloyed blessing. It may pluck children out of storylines in which they were ecstatically resident; deny them the elegant plotting of a well-turned mystery, the satisfying structure of a pony story or the terseness of a comic adventure. The odds of raising a reader who noses out books for instinctive consolation as well as pure study are lengthened by the under­lying message – that only some reading is worthwhile, and that only some readers are permitted to choose.

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