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A New Story by the Master of Hardboiled Detective Fiction

posted on 02 Dec 2017

A New Story by the Master of Hardboiled Detective Fiction 

“The Glass That Laughed” by Dashiell Hammett

This short story has been published on the Electric Lit website. It begins:


November 1925: Dashiell Hammett is thirty-one years old with a pregnant wife, a four-year-old daughter, and a tubercular illness that fluctuates between barely manageable and debilitating. He is living on the edge financially and his primary source of income, along with VA disability payments, comes from his stories in Black Mask magazine, whose editor seems to him stingy and officious. Attempting to broaden his literary base and fatten his meager earnings, he had that year published two stories in Sunset, a magazine that promoted tourism on the Pacific Coast while promising its readers “the best fiction money will buy.” 

You can continue reading the full article and story on this link to the Electric Lit website