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posted on 14 Nov 2017

Bookselling After the Fires: Napa Needs You by Elayna Trucker

This article has been published on the Literary Hub website. It begins:

There is smoke in the air. I can smell it from bed, where I lay reading next to my snoring boyfriend. At first, it doesn’t bother me. It’s almost pleasant, reminiscent of Girl Scout campfires and wood-fired pizza ovens. But the smell doesn’t fade, only gets stronger, and my underlying anxiety leads me to my phone. The only result of my search for “Napa fire 10/8/17” is a junkyard fire in American Canyon at 2pm that afternoon, too early in the day to be scented on the wind this late. Then a text from a friend: “Whoa. Huge fire in Monticello… Atlas Peak Road actually.” My heart jumps and my stomach drops—my parents live near Atlas Peak, just off Soda Canyon Road. I immediately dial my mother’s number when I see that she’s calling me. They’re leaving the house, there’s fire all along the ridge behind them. They’ve got the cars and important documents, but we’re not too worried—they’ve been evacuated due to fire twice before in the decade since they moved to Napa, and both times their house was untouched.

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