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posted on 10 Nov 2017

Harassment in the book industry by A. Non

This article has been published on The Bookseller website. It begins:

I was far too young when I was first sexually harassed and the most recent occasion happened far too recently. I’ve been flashed, touched, stroked, propositioned, coerced, kissed, groped and, perhaps most complicatedly of all, ‘complimented’ in ways that are meant to objectify, demean, threaten, insult or all of the above. It has happened in nightclubs and bars, on that shortcut home in the dark that you know you shouldn’t take, on public transport and in crowds and, yes, at work and work-based social occasions. The men have been strangers, acquaintances, friends, bosses and colleagues. There are names that grace The Bookseller’s pages as stars and captains of industry. And no one should underestimate the regularity of unwanted advances, coercive situations and presumptions about availability that publicists face all too often on an author tour.

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