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posted on 07 Nov 2017

The Book Refuge: Three sisters keep a family business going by Janet Malcolm

This article was originally published by The New Yorker in 2014. It begins:

One day in late December, I was sitting at a small table on the fifth floor of the Argosy Bookshop, on East Fifty-ninth Street, with the three beautiful sisters—Judith Lowry, Naomi Hample, and Adina Cohen—who own and run the business, which they inherited from their father, Louis Cohen, in 1991. Now in their seventies, the sisters have been at the Argosy—which sells autographs, maps, prints, and paintings, as well as old and rare books—since their early twenties. As each one graduated from college, she came to the bookshop, and found the work so congenial and was so good at it that when Cohen died the transition was seamless.

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