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The Marketable Misogyny of James Bond

posted on 06 Nov 2017

The Marketable Misogyny of James Bond by Benjamin Winterhalter

This article has been published on the JSTOR website. It begins:

Why did a top-ranking British intelligence official write a letter to the Economist about James Bond?

Yes, really. On September 30, 2017, Alex Younger, the Chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), wrote a letter to the editor of the Economist claiming that he would “take the quiet courage and integrity of [John le Carré’s spy-hero] George Smiley over the brash antics of 007, any day.” Younger—who goes by the code name “C”—conceded that the magazine’s readers ultimately would judge for themselves “whether or not a country’s spy fiction provides an accurate guide to the country itself.” He also boasted that, were they not highly classified, stories of the real-world actions of SIS operatives would inspire feelings of glowing national pride.

You can continue reading the full article on this link to the JSTOR website