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posted on 15 Oct 2017

A Selection of Virginia Woolf's Most Savage Insults  by Emily Temple

This article has been published on the Literary Hub. It begins:

Tomorrow is the 55th anniversary of the premiere of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. But instead of doing the usual content about Edward Albee, I thought I’d serve up a different (extremely cold) take: a brief and incomplete selection of moments that remind us how certain people really should have been afraid of Virginia Woolf, because she was full of epic—and sometimes kind of horrible and classist—insults. Writers, of course, make the worst enemies. Other than insane dictators with long-range missiles, I guess, so whoops on that, America. Oh well, at least we can make ourselves feel a little bit better by reading all of the very mean things Woolf wrote in her diary about other people. 

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