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Reading As Inoculation

posted on 21 Sep 2017

Reading As Inoculation by Rebecca Zorach

This article has been published on the Public Books website. It begins:

Filmmaker and artist Cauleen Smith has a few books to recommend. HerHuman_3.0 Reading List, on exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago through October 29, contains 57 drawings on graph paper of book covers. The most straightforward of them represent, head-on, the flat front surface of the book. Others show a reader’s hand or fingers cradling or lightly brushing the volume, holding its cover down to draw it, or gripping it as if for dear life. Sometimes a book’s shadow indicates its thickness or suggests its placement on a surface, or the reader’s hand has turned it to show off a fraying binding: these are well-used books. One of them—Claudia Rankine’s Citizen—is lovingly adorned with black glitter.

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