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posted on 19 Sep 2017

H.P. Lovecraft For Our Times by Gordon Douglas

This article has been published on the Public Books website. It begins:

Fear of the other cuts both ways. A young woman in Brooklyn today is afraid to go outside. Even in daylight, and especially in the company of the pale white child who is her charge. Her own skin a darker shade, she fears standing out as a domestic caregiver, and thus as an immigrant. She has heard about the ICE raids, the checkpoints, the shakedowns and mass arrests, people torn from their families and sent away. She trusts no one, even in a community proudly defined by the people and culture that are her own. She feels, all of a sudden, a stranger in a land that has been her home for decades.

The increased threat of harassment and deportation since January is an added source of anxiety and dread in immigrant neighborhoods that are already troubled by poverty, prejudice, and insecurity. But the xenophobic sentiments of the current administration, the nativist, white nationalist ideology they speak to, and the ignorance and fear they are grounded in are as old as old Flatbush.

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