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posted on 15 Aug 2017

Amy Clampitt, The Art of Poetry by Robert E. Hosmer

This article has been published on the Paris Review website. It begins:

Amy Clampitt’s childhood was spent in the small farming village of her birth, New Providence, Iowa, where at the age of nine she began to write poetry. Taking a bachelor’s degree with honors in English at Grinnell College and a Phi Beta Kappa key as well, Clampitt began graduate study at Columbia University, but left to work for the Oxford University Press. In 1951 she spent five months in Europe, returning to work as a reference librarian for the National Audubon Society (1952–1959), freelance editor and researcher (1960–1977), and editor at E. P. Dutton (1977–1982). Since 1982 she has been a full-time poet, with occasional semesters as a college teacher.

You can continue reading the full article on this link to the Paris Review