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posted on 12 Jul 2017

The Secrets of the Forgotten 1965 Classic “Talking to Women” by Joanna Briggs

This article has been published on The New Yorker website. It begins:

In 1964, about once a month, the novelist and screenwriter Nell Dunn invited a friend to her house, got out her tape recorder, opened a bottle of wine, and starting asking questions. The result was “Talking to Women,” a short book of the edited transcripts of conversations that Dunn had with nine of her friends, which was published in 1965 and went out of print soon after. As Dunn, who is now eighty, told me this spring, the book “wasn’t a particular success or anything.” And yet now and again it resurfaces. Several friends have recommended it to me in the past two years, including one, the kind who listens to me over a bottle of wine, who gave me a copy eighteen months ago, on hearing I was getting a divorce. I was thirty-two, wanting a different life, and still uncertain of what that might be.

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