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posted on 13 May 2016

Sci-fi media coverage dominated by men, survey shows

The Guardian website carries details of a survey of who is reviewing new science fiction releases. In particular it looks at gender issues and unsurprisingly finds that men dominate. They have set out their findings on Strange Horizons website but are also included in detail in this article.

In early 2011, the American group Vida published the first iteration of its now-annual Vida Count, finding a striking gender imbalance in literary press coverage. Far more books reviewed in the previous year were by men than women; most of the reviewers were men. Vida focused, understandably, on the best known general literary journals. As the editor of a magazine devoted to science fiction and fantasy – genres that tend to be covered only infrequently by, say, the LRB, but which have their own active critical culture – I wanted to know what the situation looked like in my corner of the literary world. The result was the Strange Horizons SF Count, now in its sixth year. You can find this year’s full analysis on our site, in an interactive format with nifty data visualisation by EG Cosh, and with details of our methodology (and caveats). The short version is that it’s not all bad news. It’s just mostly bad news.

Read more here on this link to The Guardian