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posted on 23 Mar 2016

Barry Hines: The unmade screen plays by Professor Sue Vice, Sheffield University

"In this essay, I will analyse the representation of the strike in three of Hines' screenplays for films that were never made. These works are After the Strike (1985), which, as its title suggests, takes a look back at the previous year's industrial dispute from the viewpoint of a miner who has not been able to return to work; The Diggers (1994a), in which the events of the strike are shown after a decade, cross-cut with the tale of the fortunes of the eponymous pop group; and Follow the Sun (2003), a play that centres on the tragic romance of a miner's wife.1 I will contrast these unproduced screenplays with Hines' novel The Heart of It (1994b), in which the strike does appear in published form: here, the son of a striking miner returns to his native pit-village ten years after the strike to attempt reconciliation with his dying father. Despite the ‘inherent drama’ of the strike with its opposing perspectives (Dent 2009) and the fact that Hines began discussions about a film of The Heart of It to be produced by Loach and Rebecca O'Brien's production company Sixteen Films, a film version was never made. Hines' account of the strike appears in the public realm only in novelistic form."

To read the full article click on this link to the pdf :  Sue_Vice_on_Barry_Hines_unproduced_M.pdf