Inspiring Young Readers

posted on 26 Feb 2018

One day Baby Bear wanted to go to the moon by Arthur Roddie (aged 4)

( A story inspired by reading Jill Murphy's book 'Whatever Next')

One day Baby Bear wanted to go to the moon.

“Can I go to the moon?” said Baby Bear.

“No its bath time” said Mummy.

Baby Bear found a rocket, he found a space helmet and a pair of space boots. He packed his teddy and a picnic and took off the chimney with a ‘whoosh!’ 

A owl flew past, “would you like to come to the moon?”

“Yes please” said the owl.

They flew past the clouds and the stars and landed on the moon. They had a picnic and flew back home. Baby Bear landed with a bump. “You look like you have been up the chimney!”

“I have and I’ve been the moon”.

“You and your stories, whatever next!” said Mummy.


Arthur Roddie, aged 4


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