Here's the story of Gaelic literature in the 19th century

posted on 29 Jun 2020


JOHN Purser ended his reading of Macpherson’s Ossian a fortnight ago noting the characteristic of loss in some of the ancient Gaelic texts, feelings of gloom, sorrow and despair. When we enter the Gaelic world of the 19th century, that sense takes on new meaning, with Donald MacLeod’s Gloomy Memories, or, to give it its full title: Gloomy Memories in the Highlands of Scotland versus Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Sunny Memories in (England) a Foreign Land: or a Faithful Picture of the Extirpation of the Celtic Race from the Highlands of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1841; second edition Greenock, 1856; third edition, enlarged and improved, Toronto, Canada, 1857, reprinted Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and Oban 1892 and reissued in the 1980s as Highland Clearances: Donald MacLeod’s Gloomy Memories (Fort William: Nevisprint, no date).

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