Is the Resurgence of Feminist Bookstores in the (US) South a Moment or a Movement?

posted on 09 Nov 2019


When I moved to the south in 2014, my mom said, “why the hell would you move to Alabama?” While partially worried for my safety as a queer woman and partially hating me for moving far away from her, I think her concern was rooted in a fear of the south instilled in many northerners by media and false history. She couldn’t understand why I would leave the state of Vermont to live and work in such a “hateful and racist place.” I, too, had reservations at the time, but something drew me here and I’ve spent the last five years challenging my own assumptions. I never intended to fall in love with this landscape as much as I did. The friends, organizers, teachers, young activists, bakers, mamas, grandmothers, and eventually chosen family I’ve met here have helped me find truer versions of myself and supported me through the most pivotal moments in my life.

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