Richard Curtis signs deal to adapt children's book series into 'Love Actually for kids'

posted on 07 Nov 2019


Film director Richard Curtis has signed a deal with Locksmith Animation to create an animated feature based on his festive children's books, in a project described as "Love Actually for kids". 

Locksmith Animation is creating an animated feature for digital platforms based on a series of Christmas children’s books by the "Love Actually" director under the title "The Empty Stocking". Curtis and Peter Souter will write the screenplay.

The three books in the series published by Puffin, The Empty Stocking (2013), Snow Day (2015) and the forthcoming That Christmas, each tell a family story which takes place in the run up to Christmas, in a rural coastal town based on Curtis’s home. The stories will be interwoven to create what Locksmith describes as “Love Actually for kids.”

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