Brexit is reverberating in British literature

posted on 11 Jul 2018


TO REACH Blackwater you take the Yarmouth Road out of Norwich, passing housing estates, a shimmering glass business park and a tangle of roundabouts. On the far side of Postwick, a throwback English village with a flint church and a cricket pitch, you follow a heavily rutted track down to the river Yare, emerging opposite the Ferry House pub. Fishermen sit silently on the banks as pleasure boats churn the muddy water. The entrance is via a rickety wooden bridge over a dyke; a path through a dense thicket delivers you into a sudden green wildness.

Mark Cocker, a British author and environmentalist, bought Blackwater, a five-acre plot of damp fen woodland, in 2012, with the aim of returning it to a state of nature.

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