Having fled the Nazis, Elizabeth Friedlander created her own typeface before moving to Kinsale

posted on 06 Dec 2017

RadclyffeHallComposit_large.jpgIn the late 1930s, German designer and typographer Elizabeth Friedlander was asked to create a typeface by the Bauer Foundry in Frankfurt, a unique commission for a woman at the time.

However, Friedlander’s achievement was overshadowed by political circumstances in Germany, as the Nazis rose to power.

The name of the font, originally Friedlander-Antiqua, was changed to Elizabeth-Antiqua, to avoid pointing to the creator’s Jewish origin. As the type was being cast, the talented Friedlander, who had been employed as a graphic designer for the popular German magazine Die Dame, had to leave the country after she was refused permission to work.

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